David Hart Stock and Dog Handling

Helps you to create the bonds and respect with your dogs and livestock to achieve trusting relationships that minimise stress for handlers, workers, dogs and stock.

Suits anyone who needs to move livestock:

  • Commercial farms

  • Smallholder flocks or herds

  • Dog triallers

Provides the foundation of good stock and dog handling and bypasses the mechanical “round yard and rake”  training.

Immerse yourself in a 3-day hands-on school to learn to:

  • Motivate and let stock choose to move where you want

  • Position yourself to help rather than hinder stock movements

  • Let your dog use its instinct rather than be reliant on mechanical commanding systems

  • Raise and start working dogs with respect for you and livestock

  • Use the principles and apply the practices with your own dog/s

Read the School aim and what you will learn

Europe & UK 2019

Netherlands                         24–26 May
Belgium                             31 May–2 June
Germany                             7–9 June
Austria                                14–16 June
Sweden                              28–30 June
Finland                                5–7 July
Wales                                  13–14 July

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VIDEO: calm, assertive dogs that work naturally and give relief when stock move in the desired direction

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