About Me

Hi, I'm David Hart.


Here's the thing—I started out as a second generation stockman and due to a lack of leadership winged my way through just about every stock handling mistake possible. Wrong dogs, wrong horses, wrong ideas.

As I was leaving school my family embarked on a deer project based on wild-caught feral animals. This challenged the old bad habits to the point where I needed to develop new thinking and methods. Deer tend to die when mishandled.

I was fortunate to refine my own experiences from some enlightened stockmen, like Scott Lithgow, Neil McDonald and Bud Williams.

The deer thing came and went, but the knowledge remained with me as the focus returned to handling cattle in very trying terrain. I learnt to better identify superior dogs that could assist me to educate livestock to choose to move to where I needed them. These dogs have an innate ability to offer livestock relief when necessary.

One of my clients recently accused me of being passionate about handling livestock, perhaps I can use this passion to assist you with your journey.